Picture Perfect Weekend 

     Omg! The last few weeks have been eventfully hectic to say the least and presented for me both highs and lows. Unfortunately due to a lack of time and or mental capacity (major key), I wasn’t able to blog about them. 

I’m fairly new to the blogging scene and I am extremely grateful for all support. So whether I get only two views or thirty, being able to blog has helped me in more ways then one! More than anything it has given me a much needed outlet a side from caring for my family! 

      Not that FAMILY isn’t everything because mine means the absolute world to me! Just not the universe. And when I’m writing, I am not ‘mommy’ or ‘bae’…..I am simply me. Brittany, and there are no words to fully express how good that makes me feel. So…how ironic after a week of my wildly prospective placing revelation of BALANCE, do I become even busier than my already somewhat busy norm! Coincidence. I think not!

Bringing in the weekend! Texas State Fair Style…

Everything pretty much picked up a few Thursdays ago! So much had been going on. Between my neighbors, their fence and the contractor I was going bonkers. We put our car in the shop for a minor fix to the sunroof. Yes! The sunroof. So imagine my surprise Wednesday when I get a call saying I need a new transmission. WAIT……What! 

I have to admit it took me a minute to collect myself.  I’m sure solely for entertainment purposes, the mechanic chose to wait til the end of the conversation to mention the Warranty! My attitude from that point on….”Say no more! Warranty do your thing!”

In addition to everything else it was also the last week for the state fair. The same fair I had been promising my son for weeks that we were going to attend. And of course me being the amazing mom that I am, I waited til the last minute (coughs procrastinator under breathe).

 Thursday’s were the discounted day as well as Senior day! Which worked out perfect for me because this particular Thursday was also the day my Mother in law and Nonny in law (My husband’s grandmother) were going as well! #Winning!

“Ohhh! Thank God for Grandparents”!

Did I mention….Thank God for grandparents!!! You can call me Cajun! I recently watched a facebook video of a Cajun Chef who mentioned, where he’s from if you really meant something you had to say it twice!!! So please excuse my seemingly redundantness but that Cajun man was definitely on to something!

 Since my lovely husband had been and still is (no comment) working crazy over time, he wasn’t able to take off during the week. This meant in order to have my discounted fair day I would have to conquer the state fair alone with my very rambunctious duo! Let me tell you I was not looking forward to that! But with the help of the grannies! We came! We saw! We ate, played games, pet animals and had fun! We CONQUERED! Everything except traffiic that is.

 “Flying High”

That Saturday roles around and although I was extremely exhausted I was flying high! That Friday for my family has become a national holiday. Family if you are reading this expect a memo in the mail! Zoe spent her first night away with grandma! If you know Zoe you know this is a major milestone for us all. October 20th our very first kid free night since having Zoe!

 This high was a residual high! I woke up that morning in bed BY MYSELF! The mattress itself felt different. More like clouds! If I had to give those clouds a name,  I would go with Nine and I relished in it!


The kids and hubby were home by late morning. We did some Saturday morning cleaning and by afternoon everyone was dressed and ready to oblige me in tagging along to the Flea Style Dallas Fall Show! I had been following a friends IG posts of Flea Style and I was hooked! I absolutely had to go! There were vendors galore! Each one very unique and shining in their own particular niche! It was a big ball of  classic vintage boho contemporary chaos and I loved every bit of it! It felt like home!

That day as I walked out of those doors so much left with me, and only three of them were items I actically bought. I was inspired to continue my pursuit of my very own boutique. Earlier that week i had just registered my business name as well as tax ID and so forth. For a moment as I walked around there was a warmth all over my body, excitement all over my face and I felt as if I was being introduced to apart of my purpose. Deep huh?

(More pics of my Picture Perfect Weekend. https://www.instagram.com/seasonedbygrace/ )

 Later that night as it was now my husbands turn to put time into his passion (music) I tended to the kids as I made dinner. Smothered steak, cauliflower rice and zuchinni and squash casserole. #KETOPLUG

Soul to Souls’ old school hit “Back to life back to reality” begin playing in my head. As I am now home and my innovational adrenaline has some what died down…Grateful none the less I shared sentimemts with Ice Cube that pretty much summed up that Saturday! “Today was ‘indeed’ a good day”. Full of unadulterated inspiration, uncharted territory and untapped greatness I discovered within myself.

I decided to share a few of my picture perfect moments on this blog. Not because “I think I’m all that” or my husband and kiddos are so adorable even though they are. After all the awesomeness I experienced I also experienced a low. The state of comparision is a crafty little dream killer. As I scrolled through the IG pages of a couple of the flea style vendors. All I could think of was what I do not have. I unknowingly exchanged that warm feeling of purpose with cold unsettling doubt. But there is more than enough greatness for us all.

So when looking at someone else’s picture, know that there is an unseen truth between what you can see and reality. We are not always privledge to this truth. So never choose the downward spiraling road of comparision. Instead choose to love the imperfections in your own picture perfect moments!


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