Sunday Chronicles 11/26/17

Wow! This has been one crazy busy week, and to top it off I’ve been battling dizzy spells off and on all day. At one point I literally felt as if my head was spinning. And being that I have a self proclaimed M.D behind my name, I contributed it all to me running around like a chicken with its head cut off, as the day swiftly flew by! Talk about discombobulated! Sheeesh.

Absurdly, as if I hadn’t had enough to do already, I added even more hoopla to chaos as I decided to blog right smack dab in the middle of it all! Let’s just say timing wise this probably wasn’t one of my greatest ideas. Between laundry, cleaning my closet, pulling out all my Christmas stuff, shopping for more Christmas decorations and grabbing groceries for the week. I just needed to get away and there weren’t any snickers!                   (Throwback Commerical plug)

So pardon me while I gather myself, as I am a whole lot of exhausted and partly sad to see our little thanksgiving break come to a close. The hubby will be returing to work tomorrow, the kid to school and Zoe and I back to our regularly scheduled programming! But as the saying goes “all good things must come to an end”.

Let’s all take a moment of silence for the weekend …

Welp! Thats over and I AM WOMAN so despite my slight sleep deprivation I have spent the better part of my day preparing and wrapping my mind around the even good(ER) week that is a head of me. (Excuse the intentional ebonics) I am simply trying to say I have major expectations for this week! Since I’ve decided to try something different in hopes that our days will go a little bit smoother than normal.







Our Sunday Routine?


Okay. What Sunday Routine?  Here in lines in part some of my fuctional dysfunction. Other than church, our Sundays differ from week to week. Sometimes I feel prepared for the week and other times I’m straight winging it. Waking up for the day  30 minites before the school bell rings and getting the kid dressed and out the door with only minutes to spare.

I have to admit, lately I’m slacking more often than not, doing just enough to get by. Hey as long as everyone has clean undies we can build from there. Right? Wrong. Lol I am undoubtedly on the cusp of seeking employment just to be able to afford to hire help for the house!

Seriously bro if you are somehow under the wild impression that being a stay at home mom is easy. I hope you stump your baby toe on the edge of a bed frame because you are sadly mistaken my friend! Rant over! I hope your baby toe is okay!







Setting Obtainable Weekly Goals


In the midst of all the madness today i was inspired to do this coming up week a little different. So I begin setting mommy, health/fitness and business goals. As well as gathering meal ideas, no doubt all the thanksgiving food I consumed was nothing short of amazing but it is definitely time for us to get back to our keto (WOE). Even the kids are beginning to reject fast/junk food. I also washed pretty much all of our laundry and set out clothes for the kids and myself for the entire week.

Yes. I would like to be as prepared as possible but I also understand being a mom is an impromptu lifestyle. As a mother my life revolves around my family. I have learned to keep it pushing and roll with the punches. Most times I take the plan crushing spontaneous happenings like a ‘G’, other times I’m going down kicking and screaming. At the end of the day if I’m only walking away with a lesson learned its still a victory. So here’s to a week of blessings and good vibes for us all!

What does your Sunday Routine look like? Is it consistent? Or could it stand for s bit of revamping like mine? Most importantly do what works for you!

“Wake up an anticipation that something great is going to happen” in Christ we can have a confident expectation of good for each day.


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