Not Yo’ Granny Loafer…Not Yo’ Mama Mule

I’m sure its been a long time coming but I thought I’d never live to see the day…….at least AGAIN. But as I remember the infamous retro shoe I am not surprised. It never fails, the faithful recycling of fashion trends and I have been bit by the once outdated bug! I have willfully drunken the juice and I am unashamed. 

Now before you throw the whole blog away let me explain….Mules and loafers have made a comeback, returning with a vengeance to slay. YES! I SAID IT! Just in case my forwardness isn’t forward enough, I am absolutely here for it!

Whether a classic neutral, a glowing bold and vibrant color or a floral print. For me there is no discrimination, they have all caught my eye. Though I must admit their prices at times have undoubtedly turned me away. But I shall not be moved and there is no need to panic. The right price at the right time is what I live for!

Budget-Proof your shopping  

Although everyone’s budget looks different. One of the great things about shopping trends is you can almost always find them for a pretty reasonable price. Between sales, clearance and department store brands there is definitely a pair somewhere with your name on them. Aside from budget of course, timing is your greatest asset. You just have to know when to wait and when to cave. You absolutely can not be afraid to wait out for a price drop, shop around and dig for deals or even let someone else to do it for you! #STYLIST PLUG!!!

How do I look?

I recently found out that I am considered a millennial…..I know I am as shocked as you are! As one of the older millennials, I grew up in the era of reality T.V. and went through one particular phase of being  a die hard fan of Reality Fashion makeover shows. How do I look? was hands down one of my favorites. I fell in love with the host of the show Jeannie Mai.

Honestly I watched so much of that stuff I’d like to think of myself as an honorary stylist. Although I find it extremely hard to shop for others because what I have found via personal experience as well as hundreds of hours watching fashion reality tv (so you know I am most definitely qualified), often times you are not only styling the person, you are also addressing and confronting their insecurities. No judgement we all have them.

 Take control of your style

I am totally that girlfriend you want to shop with. I love seeing people fashionably excelling, completely out of their element and comfort zone. In my personal opinion style has less to do with trends and more to do with how you choose to wear them. A good pair of loafer mules for some could be a more difficult trend to seize. Fashion and trends can be very one sided. Your style is your own so take control of it and make the trend work for you. 

Throughout my adult years I have always approached a loafer cautiously in pursuit for more of a conservative look. But there is no need to proceed any longer with caution. These are not yo granny kind of loafers at not yo celeb prices! 

Last week I caught a small sale at one of my favorite stores and was able to get a bold printed loafer with a matching purse for under one hundred dollars. I literally walked out of the store into another store I frequent often and grabbed a gold pair for less than five dollars! True Story! #Winning                                                            A pair of printed loafer mules with a side of matching purse to slay! Why! Yes Please! A pair for now and a pair for later!

How do you feel about the return of the loafer mule?

“Fashion says ‘me too’! Style says only me'”…So be your best styled self!         Shalom💛

Hijacked Equilibrium 

I have declared this week for me, a week of BALANCE. Yes! BALANCE! We all could stand to have a little more of it. Oddly enough Sunday out of nowhere this word in all its random glory fell on me like a ton of bricks. Only mildly embarrassed, I have to admit when it first hit me I had to google its meaning. No. Not because I didn’t know what balance meant at its core but sadly I couldn’t quite connect in what way it related to me. Ohhhhh! But when I made the connection my heart became overwhelmed. 

See the thing is, feeling overwhelmed is nothing new to me. In fact the question for me wouldn’t be “Are you overwhelmed today?” But rather “When are you not overwhelmed?” Unfortunately I know I am not the only one who feels this way. Generally speaking  we as a people have gradually grown accustom to chaos and the business of it all. We live in a day and time when balance is just not at the fore front of most of our lives. Its scarce in our work lives, relationships, home life and now more than ever in our diets, hence the very outdated term balanced diet. 

What does balance look like?

I have taken time through out this week to think on it. Balance. Where does it come from and what does it look like? So of course if you know me you know I took to Pinterest first because well…Pinterest has all the answers! All jokes a side, along with going to Pinterest I begin to search myself. Im so freakin introspective, its my super power and my kryptonite and just maybe I’ll get a couple extra brownie points for it when I make it to heaven!

Its been this way every since I can remember. I just can’t shake it! I have a strong desire to be a great wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, blogger, business owner, church member, and Im sure you get my point! This list goes on, even to the extreme of the accountability I feel to the person behind me in the check out line, as I hassel between my children and finding my car keys and wallet. In what ever capacity I operate in, I most of the time want to be my best self. I say “most” to leave room for error because sometimes a sista is just having an off day and who doesn’t….

BE Balance or BE Bitter… 

The freeing truth is balance somewhat allows us the unadulterated room to wear our imperfections, being that we are human and flawed. I am learning I have limits within my abilities that I have to respect. I need balance to calm the failures of my aggressive expectations of myself. Its called self care. Did you know being without balance can make you bitter? On your job, in your relationships even in your diet (seriously). 

Often times we give, give and give to our detriment. I am saying we by chance that you may relate but this is definitely me! Balance doesnt have to mean doing nothing or giving your everything. In fact you could do neither and still live a balanced life. It looks different to each of us because it is tailor made for every individual. You dont find it you create it! 

What’s at the center of your life?

 “Balanced actions have to first be led by balanced thoughts”. Whats on your mind has more to do with whats at your center! What do you hold dear? For some its your family. For others its their career. For me its my Savior. To each his own. No judgement here, for it is up to each of us to look to our own center. It is those things that we give weight to in our lives that ground us. For me its my spiritual life. I am a firm believer that it is in Christ that all things are held together. 

I was reminded of this a couple days ago. That he is the rock I am led to when my heart is overwhelmed. It is when I give outside of Christs supply for my daily demands that I find myself out of balance. What does this mean for your life? Well that’s up to you but our common ground as beautiful beings is that we all at some point have an Aha! moment, an awakening, a call from within ourselves of clarity to shift our focus and sharing that experience can only help those around us! So feel free to comment and share!


     “A restful life is a balanced one”


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