Cigarette, Xanex and a glass of mascoto…

Beware Mom Rant….

 The grocery store trip from hell would be an understatement. Honestly, this is to be expected when I deter from my plans with an infant and a toddler on deck. I should have known no good would come of this, I simply wasn’t prepared. The melt down my 3yr old had in the parking lot because I made him throw away his smashed up plastic fireman hat he got 2 weeks ago  and hadn’t seen since, was definitely a telltale sign that this spare of the moment trip was going to go bad. Of course me being the relatively crazy person I am “Ughh Ummm” (clears throat)….allow me to introduce myself…Hi I am SuperMom and I was determined to run in and run out (is there really a such thing with kiddos)


“No thank you” to the kind lady offering me a basket outside the store, “I wont be here long”….yeah right, what was I thinking. Im suppose to be somewhat of a vet at this stay at home mom thing but against my better judgement I went with it….Crossing the threshold of the automatic doors with my 3 yr old to my right, my 3 mth old peacefully in her stroller and 2 minutes into the shopping trip…Boom!!!.. She’s screaming at the top of her lungs and homegirl lungs are built like Beyonce’s, Im talking 0 to 100. I tried feeding her but it didnt work. One arm pushing the stroller the other holding the bottle but Queen B wasnt having it. By this time the 3 yr old begins to crumble right before my eyes, theres tears, theres laughter and a bunch of other emotions. Inside theres an exhausted little person but he persisted to fight the obvious. 

Im torn over the type of cheese my husband needs for dinner and at this point my nerves are shot

 For a split second I pictured myself running right out of those automatic doors. I could always attempt to try this again when the hubby gets home. As Im typing its all becoming some what of a blur but 30 minutes, 4 concerned elderly women, 3 toddler meltdowns, 2 unanswered phone calls to the hubby and a stroller full of stuff later…… Im crossing that same threshold, walking through those very same automatic doors yelling at my 3 yr old who is more interested in the guy painting the store than the vehicle I see coming to the right of us

 My thoughts as Im walking to my car pushing a stroller with my left hand, holding a 24 pack of Ozarka water in my right and pleading with my son to walk in front of me. I really could go for a cigarette right about now…..”What”? I dont even smoke and I hate taking a tylenol for a headache let alone a xanex but a glass of wine…thats a little more realistic.

 At midnight even bad days come to an end”                                                                             – Ms Moem


6 responses to “Cigarette, Xanex and a glass of mascoto…”

  1. I love this!!!.. gosh! I’m not alone!! Now that my oldest is 7 and very self-sufficient life has gotten so much better !!.. better days are coming indeed.

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  2. I love this!!!.. gosh! I’m not alone!! Now that my oldest os Lol . Keep it 7 and very self-sufficient life has gotten so much better !!.. better days are coming indeed.

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  3. This was very entertaining and shows the “real” side of Motherhood! Having Jordan was like a 3 for 1 deal. This story reminds me of a trip we took to CVS for Halloween candy when he was about 3. A full day of work, he had a full blown meltdown, and knocked over the wine display ate the front of the store!!! I was threw. Sat in the car for a good 30mins and cried. I laugh now, but then….. Smh! Keep up the great work!

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  4. As a mom to another mom. There will be more days like this. But one thing I can truly say, you will look back, laugh, and even shed a tear. And wonder where did time go? You said it, it’s like a blur😊. Before you know it, Supermom! It’s a new day and all you needed was some peace and quiet and a good night sleep😴.

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