Sunday Chronicles:                9/24/17         

There is nothing like Friday, Saturday and Sunday. They are my jam! Unfortunately when it comes to the weekend I am like a mediocre teenage student doing just enough to get by! Shameful right?….Just about every Monday morning I mourn Friday and I completely detest the thought of my some what lackadaisical  behavior. Why youContinue reading “Sunday Chronicles:                9/24/17         “

Lord help me be myself. A brave Jesus girl….

    Have you ever watched a stranger in public or in a car and wondered personal things about their life?……Okay?!? Wait, Maybe I started this off wrong but stick with me I am definitely going somewhere…For instance, are they married or single? Kids or no kids? Why do they look so happy or sad?Continue reading “Lord help me be myself. A brave Jesus girl….”

365 to 30…My Year of Yes!

Seriously….who has pissed Father Time off!?! It feels like the years are flying by, food is tasting better, its obvious I’m  enjoying it way to much and my clothes are getting tighter, all the while 30 is nipping at my heels. Ouch!!!….Nevertheless nipped heels and all I am determined to make this year count!   “30sContinue reading “365 to 30…My Year of Yes!”