Flowers are Life….

     It’s Springtime and my thumbs are literally turning green as I type and I’m sure my mom will be proud! Were getting quite a bit of rain here in Texas and seeing nature’s work of art everywhere has got my inspirational juices flowing! Is this what my life has come too? Its offical, I’m getting old or as the millenuals would so eloquently put it….more like ancient! Speaking of ancient , are you familiar with the little poem “April showers bring May flowers”? There are different versions of this somewhat popular proverb that dates as far back as 1610! Wow!!! So if you dont know it don’t worry it’s totally throwback, and although we are only days away from May who said we have to wait that long for our flowers! 

“Give me my flowers while I’m yet living”

     I remember hearing this particular saying often as a child and my understanding wasn’t completely fruitful. When I was young I never really appreciated having flowers around. Don’t get me wrong I always thought they were pretty, at least most of them but they would eventually die and to spend money on them honestly felt like a waist. I personally would have rather brought a floral shirt instead #fashionislife#floralislife! As I’ve gotten older I’ve grown to appreciate the beauty of them more, enough in fact to spend my hard earned money on them, well my husband’s hard earned money within reason of course #budgetislife!

Home Decor

     Whether placed neatly in a vase to give more of an elegant look or arranged strategically for a centrepiece, fresh flowers does wonders for sprucing up home decor. Longevity may be more important to some so I am not partial to fake flowers I definitely own my share! Last Christmas I did a mix of both fake and real flowers to give my holiday decorations  a natural and fuller look. For the more unconventional decorators you don’t have to limit your flowers to a vase. I used our pumpkins from our favorite Pumpkin Patch last Fall. Those pumpkins weren’t cheap so I used them for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. After Thanksgiving I gutted, cleaned and spray painted them and they housed my Poinsettias for Christmas. Don’t be afraid to stray a bit from your norm. Not that you have to try hard because flowers are naturally pretty. 

Flower Power. No not “Twisted Metal”

     Flowers are very versatile. Did you know there’s way more to flowers than just looking pretty? Fresh flowers in the home are said to help with mental health, energy and promote relaxation. Some flowers are used soley for healing purposes. Aiding ailments such as high cholesterol, anemia, and digestive issues just to name a few. Most edible flowers have healing properties giving a relevantly fresh meaning to the term Flower Power.

Dead Flowers doesn’t have to mean a waist of money!

     For those who aren’t completely convinced. I suggest giving fresh flowers a try at least once. Whether your incorporating them into an office to promote happiness or your home space to promote relaxation. You absolutely have options with ways to use them, even when they’re dead. My goal is to get my garden up and growing this spring as well as a composting bin. I recently found out that dead flowers can be used for composting! Also allowing the flowers to dry out completely they can be used to make potpourri or bath bombs. I am not a florist or flower connoisseur, neither can I name several flowers off the top of my head. However, at this moment in my life I enjoy the beauty of what flowers bring while in my space. Maybe you will too!
Just living is not enough…One must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.

– Hans Christian Anderson


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