The Subtle

You saw him today but you didnt notice me. I am subtle. And him, well he may or may not have seen you, nothing personal. See most times he just has a lot on his mind, taking much needed time to prepare himself for the daily grind. His seldom tears, fears and insecurities even if you took the time to analyze you would not find, for they are all hid in the subtle.

Just look at him, its obvious the stresses he aquires as sole provider, no wonder he’s so tired. His exhaustion is completely justified because well…he’s been off to work since six and home by five, and the traffic alone is enough to drive the most sane of us crazy. So pleassse forgive his need to check out mentally once he clocks out manually, from that nine to five because honey he is a man with a job. In a time when it is socially acceptable for a man to not work and still eat and all the while maintain his spot in his royal seat….he is a king. He should be praised and he is….praised, but his praise to the natural eye most times lie in the subtle.

 See those pants he wore to work accompanied by his under wear and that nice shirt are all compliments of the subtle. He is clean, he smells good and lets just be honest there is nothing like a good smelling man, especially when his dirty laundry is not in your hands but at home….with the subtle. 

His smile is contagious, charisma magnetic, he can be counted on for a good laugh and so understanding I mean seriously compared to most there is just no comparison. He is a rare specimen and mars is just way to far. Where did this man come from?

 He is great at his job, success is inevitable because he is favored by God and all while he is off being great, the subtle helps him maintain his full plate because well, how else would he manage his own affairs that need tending too? That house, those cars, these children are all the harvest thats ripe from the seeds they both sow but doesnt all take care of themselves you know. 

True enough. There is no doubt they are all attributes to his captivating aura that exudes greatness but only to those with limited awakeness, because from the outside looking in, what you see is what you get but what you fail to notice is the subtle and all she deals with. Its like you kind of figure somethings there but rather draw your own conclusions because you dont really care and you shouldnt the subtle has become immune to it. 

So amongst all the other responsibilities the subtle has to manage knowing whats seen in the eyes of others is to her disadvantage. It is her duty to use every God given opportunity to be seen walking proudly beside her king encouraging him to be great.


2 responses to “The Subtle”

  1. It is this mindset and support that brings out the best in men! Us men must acknowledge what happened behind the scene before manifested success! For example blame that on my wife!

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